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The Sam Carter/Rodney McKay Community
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Welcome to the first shipping community for Sam Carter and Rodney McKay! On second thought, that sounds too peppy. *serious voice* Welcome.

Post whatever you like here: fanfiction, vids, icons, discussion, artwork, etc. Just make sure that it involves Sam and Rodney as a romantic/snarky relationship.

I'm your mod, Jackie (aka phiremangston). If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Posting and commenting is open here, and will remain as such unless somebody starts making trouble.

-Please, no bashing of other ships/characters/people in general. Though we may snark, we should still have respect for other people.

-Don't aggravate the trolls, should they arrive and nag. Report it to me (and/or the LJ staff), and the issue will be taken care of.

-Fanfiction with a rating of R or above, and fic with any offensive material, should have a warning attatched to it.

-Any fanfiction longer than a drabble should be behind an LJ cut-tag. This goes for icon posts with more than two icons, as well.

-And, well, just be nice.

Snark away!