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20th-Aug-2008 10:42 am - fic
Title: Abandoned
by: ellymelly
Rated: G
Pairing: Sam/Mckay (friendship)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy
Summary: The city of Atlantis has been abandoned, its population driven out by a strange, native virus. Back on Earth, Mckay and Sam receive a distress call from the ghost city...

Chapter One:
NICE TO SEE YOU TOO...  (on livejournal) (at ellymellyfanfic)
12th-Aug-2008 09:00 pm - "Trio" Challenge
I thought id post this challenge as i have never seen any fic which comes close to this idea and i think it has real potential for talented fanfc writers (which unfortunately i am not.

What would have happened if there was no rope for them (McKay, Keller and Carter) to find and they had to do as McKay suggested of stripping down to their underwear (or even less if you want) to make a rope out of their cloths?


Obviously a Adult fanfic is prefered (there are a tonne of ways to make my idea into a adult story) as i cant think of a single Carter/McKay/Keller adult rated fanfic (or any rated fanfic for that matter) but if you dont feel you can write it feel free to write a fanfic which has a lower rating. 

Thanks to anyone who takes up the challenge.

sam rodney wedding
This is the grand finale of my story! Hope you've enjoyed it!

 Title:Two of you and one me (on FF.net)
Author: lelianamckay
Fandom: SGA
Rating:  PG
Genre: romance/angst
Spoilers: season five for character mention
Summary: When two visitors appear out of thin air on Atlantis, things start to get interesting for Rodney. To what extent will his life change?
Beta: ellymelly

Previous chapters: one ! two ! three ! four ! five ! six ! seven! eight !

( Chapter 9:  Damn Furlings and their patronizing! )

( Chapter 10:  Wait for me! )
8th-Jul-2008 09:05 am - The Scientist
Vid: The Scientist
By: ellymelly
Fandom: SG1/SGA
Spoilers: Up until TLM
Character/Pairing: Sam/Rodney
Summary: Sam and Rodney at what they do best...

Download: THE SCIENTIST - 90mb
Youtube: Low Resolution
29th-Jun-2008 04:04 pm - Screengrabs - 5.01 Search and Rescue
Hi everybody,

perhaps you've heard that Stargate Atlantis episode 5.01 found it's way into the web. There are many places there you can read about this new episode - and of course download it.

I've something different for you. If you are interested you can see some screengrabs from "Search and Rescue" at my community
Because of the spoilers I won't post them here. I don't want to spoil anything for those who want to wait for official airing of the episode. Of course there are pictures with Sam and Rodney. Everyone interested just go to my community Impressive Men of Sci-Fi


26th-Jun-2008 12:02 am - New Chapters: Make Life Easy Please
New Chapter: Make Life Easy Please?!
Title: Make Life Easy Please!
Chapter 3&4: Holding Back (Teyla/Beckett) Full Marks (Carter/McKay)
Fiction Rated: M
Summary: Sequel to Million ways to wake up. Our three pairings on Atlantis learn to take the rough with the smooth, but they are rewarded for it in the end. Beckett/Teyla Carter/McKay Shepherd/Weir.


22nd-Jun-2008 10:54 pm - New Fic: Make Life Easy Please?!
Hi there, I have been so bored this weekend ive managed to start the sequel to 'A Million Ways to Wake Up'.
Read moreCollapse )
20th-Jun-2008 08:12 pm - A Million Ways to Wake Up- NEW FIC
This fic is for three ships but the first chapter in Carter/Mckay so even if you just want to read that.

Title: A Million Ways to Wake Up
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Carter/McKay, Beckett/Teyla, Weir/Shepherd, Ronon
Summary: A night of celebrating was held on Altantis, lots of eating, drinking and being merry. But the following morning the crew have to face some embarassing, strange and expected situations perhaps leading to romance.
Notes: Its slightly alternate universe as I basically have both Weir and Carter on Atlantis simultaneously.

The fic is now finished all four chapters are up at fanfiction.net

sam rodney wedding
 Chapter eight is online!

Title:Two of you and one me (on FF.net)
Author: lelianamckay
Rating:  PG
Genre: romance/angst
Spoilers: season five but only for a new character mention
Summary: When two visitors appear out of thin air on Atlantis, things start to get interesting for Rodney. To what extent will his life change?
Beta: ellymelly
Previous chapter: one ! two ! three ! four ! five ! six ! seven

Read it on FF.NET: Two of you and one me chapter 8

Or under the cut...
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